Architectural Brochure

Architectural brochures are usually created to convey a message that remits to tidiness, planning, ergonomy, sustainability, elegance and perfection. In most cases, these brochures are requested by architecture firms, self-employed architect professionals, or to market a specific building or architecture project. Most clients will focus on elegance and tidiness for their architectural brochures.

Architectural brochure layouts are tidy and well-organized. Unless the main topic is a building with a particular shape, too artistic or old, most brochures will use thin and straight lines to mimic a blueprint.

The brochure colors depend on each particular project, but whenever a blueprint is included, a high contrast color palette should be used – preferably, black over white. Blue and green are also widely used colors for architectural brochures, as they will match the sky and trees of a potentially-included 3D render.

Fonts are usually modern, sans-serif, very light and elegant fonts that will mimic a blueprint. Technical fonts are also widely used. An exception would be an architectural brochure showcasing a very old building, for which a professional designer would use a more traditional serif font.

3D renders, blueprints and artistic illustrations of buildings are widely used in architectural brochures. As for pictures, they will depend on the brochure purpose:

  • an architecture firm will probably include an image of their offices, their team working
  • an architect will probably go with a set of pictures showcasing his past work
  • a building brochure will feature an illustration or 3D render of the finished building

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