Basic functions of a brochure

brochure handles three functions: to inform, publicize and identify. 

The three functions that we have presented here in a separate manner are not separated (or should not be) in the completed project. Each brochure presents each of these three characteristics combined in a different value of importance and power. A good brochure design is informative, publicizes and identifies, all within the same brochure. It is obvious that in each brochure one of these three aspects will be more important than the rest, but this does not mean that they should be forgotten. For example, if your company launches a new product into the market and decides to add a brochure to the launching campaign, the aspect that will be the most important will be the marketing aspect, even if the brochure must be clear about the new product’s information and about creating a positive image for the company. However, if your business presents a project to the executives of another business, in order to propose a project to work on together, the aspect which will be most notable will be the identifying function, which will present your company as secure and prestigious and it will also place the marketing and informative aspect in a second place.