Bi-fold brochures are found among us every day: they are one of the most popular brochure types around.

Bi-fold brochures are made out from one or more sheets of paper that is folded once, in two halves. Most of the times, the fold line runs perpendicular to the longest side of the sheet. This folding forms 4 panels out of a single sheet of paper: a front-cover, a back-cover, and two internal pages.

4-Page Bi-Fold Brochures

The standard 4-page bi-folds are made out of one sheet of 17″x11″ paper. Folded size is LTR (8.5″ x 11″). These bi-fold brochures are easy to print at any printer store, either digital or offset.

The front panel works as the front-page, and its main purposes are to introduce the piece and to cause the necessary intrigue or impact to make the viewer want to open it and read the contents.

The inside panels are usually reserved for content, while the back-cover is used for contact information.

They are more formal than tri-fold brochures, and are intended for more formal organizations, product presentations, catalogues, institutional introductions, etc.

Small 4-Page Bi-Fold Brochure

The small bi-fold is made out of one LTR sheet of paper. Folded size is (5.5″ x 8.5″). Small bi-folds are very similar to tri-folds in terms of lifetime and suggested audience. The small bi-fold brochures have a shorter lifetime and are more informal than standard bi-folds.

Multi-Page Bi-Fold Brochures (8-Page, 12-Page, 16-Page…)

Most catalogues and multi-page brochures are created by stacking sheets of paper and then folding them in the middle. That is to say, stacking 4-page bi-folds. Each sheet of paper or bi-fold adds 4 to the page count, so stacking two sheets of paper would create 8 panels. Three sheets of paper, 12 panels.

Printers will use staples, wire-o binding, or “perfect” binding (like a book) depending on page count. Catalogues, booklets and books are built this way.

Please refer to our booklet design section.


Bi-fold brochures can also work as folders in which you can place inserts depending on the prospective interests: this is ideal for trade shows, for example. Some bi-folds include pocket(s) on the first and/or last inside pages. These bi-folds are usually slightly larger to accommodate standard LTR-sized pages inside.

If the bi-fold brochure has no real content inside – it’s either single-sided, or the content on the inside is meant to be hidden by the inserts, we call it a folder. Please refer to our folder design section.

On the contrary, if the bi-fold brochure is a generic bi-fold on which a pocket has been added, we call it a “bi-fold with pockets”.

Bi-Fold Brochure Design Pricing

Small Bi-Folds Up to 4 revision phases Unlimited revision phases
4-page bi-fold brochure, LTR open size
$ 399
$ 499
8-page bi-fold brochure, LTR open size
$ 599
$ 699
12-page bi-fold brochure, LTR open size
$ 799
$ 899
16-page bi-fold brochure, LTR open size
$ 999
$ 1,149
20-page bi-fold brochure, LTR open size
$ 1,199
$ 1,349
Standard Bi-Folds Up to 4 revision phases Unlimited revision phases
4-page bi-fold brochure, 17" x 11" open size
$ 549
$ 649
8-page bi-fold brochure, 17" x 11" open size
$ 849
$ 949
12-page bi-fold brochure, 17" x 11" open size
$ 999
$ 1,199
16-page bi-fold brochure, 17" x 11" open size
$ 1,249
$ 1,449
20-page bi-fold brochure, 17" x 11" open size
$ 1,549
$ 1,799
24-page bi-fold brochure, 17" x 11" open size
$ 1,849
$ 2,149

Included: Our fees include all you will need for getting a professional brochure: creative design by professional brochure designers & marketing experts; access to royalty-free imagery (more than 17 million photos to choose from); photo retouching; creation of diagrams, tables, charts; pre-press; delivery of both editable source files and printer-ready files; plus all copyrights of our work.

Not Included: Printing is not included in the above prices. Speak to one of our representatives to get a quote that includes printing.

Timeframe: Concepts and revisions ready in a maximum of 2 business days. Please speak to a representative if you need an expedited service.

Payment terms: We request a 50% down payment of the total price to start working on the design of your custom brochure, the remaining balance upon completion, before the delivery of the final files. We accept Paypal and 2Checkout payments (online, credit card), checks or ACH/Wire bank transfers.

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