Your business material will look much better and reliable if it is organized, and folders are excellent tools of organization. The most usual folders are bi-folds, and they usually have one, two or more flaps to hold the pieces inside them. Printed sheets of paper that go inside a folder are called inserts.

Folders are great for practically any promotional use, but they also work as a protection for the pieces inside them. They keep your promotional material organized in the same place. Folders can be configured (by adding or removing inserts) to different clients according to their interests.

A Standard Folder Design

The standard folder in the US measures 9″ wide by 12″ high when closed. It’s half an inch wider and one inch higher than a LTR page. This allows to put LTR-sized sheets (called “inserts”) inside, as you can see in the second image.

The depicted folder has two pockets, one on the left side and one in the right. However, most folders have just one pocket on the right hand side.

Pockets may also have business card slits, so that you can attach business cards, or other pieces like CDs, postcards, etc. Pockets may be glued on one or more edges to avoid inserts fall.

Printing a Folder

Printing folders is expensive, but it’s the most customizable printed piece available. Under certain circumstances, it makes more sense to print a single folder and be able to customize it by putting different inserts inside than having a large booklet.

Whether it makes sense to use a folder over another type of brochure depends on many factors, but basically how much do you plan to update your brochure, how often do you plan to reprint it, and if you want to customize your message to specific users.

The folder, laid out flat with its pockets, is a thick paper sheet (12pt or more) measuring around 18″ x 16″, which makes it impossible to print it in a digital printer (typically only able to print lighter paper stocks up to 18″ x 12″), meaning only offset printing is possible.

Offset printing has a high set-up cost, so printing cost per piece is very expensive with small orders, but gets lower with large orders. Printing less than 1,000 folders is usually not recommended.

However, some printer stores may offer you pocket add-ons that are glued on top of a 18″ x 12″ brochure, which can be printed in a digital printer. While this is less professional than the standard folder, it may work out for very short batches. Note that these pockets may not be printed up to edges.

Each printer store has their own template for folders, and they may vary significantly, so it’s wise to choose the printer store before starting with the design.

The folder for non-US markets

The folder for non-US markets will be A3+ in size (483mm x 329mm) open, and 241mm x 329mm folded which is about 30mm larger than a standard A4 sheet.

Other Folder Designs Available

Pocket size and position can vary. As we explained above, some folders have bottom pockets on one side – which can be either the left or right hand side -, while some others have two bottom pockets. Some folders may have additional pockets that comes from the sides and overlap the bottom pockets. Pocket shape can also vary and some original designs can be created. However, this will add to the cost.

If you plan to put many thick inserts or booklets inside a folder, you might want to add a spine to your folder.

Folder can be made of almost any size. Just take any bi-fold size and add a pocket. There are even large tri-folds that are added one, two or even three pockets and are thus converted in folders. Some folders have flaps (smaller panels that fold inside) that may serve both as a pocket to hold inserts, and also as an additional content panel.

Folder Design Pricing

Folders Up to 4 revision phases Unlimited revision phases
Folder 18" x 12" open, outside covers, two inside pockets
$ 329
$ 429
Folder 18" x 12" open, outside covers, left inside pocket
$ 329
$ 429
Folder 18" x 12" open, outside covers, right inside pocket
$ 329
$ 429
Inserts Up to 4 revision phases Unlimited revision phases
Single-sided insert, LTR
$ 189
$ 219
Double-sided insert, LTR
$ 289
$ 319

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Not Included: Printing is not included in the above prices. Speak to one of our representatives to get a quote that includes printing.

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