How to make your brochure a success

How many times have you walked by a corner and been offered brochures, flyers or other marketing materials? Have you ever arrived at your home and found envelopes that contain brochures and other offers? Think for a moment: What have you done with them? You have surely thrown them away.

This is something common, mechanical and proper of the human being. In the information era we now live in, businesses invade us with their messages. At the end of the day, it is believed that the human being has received more than 5000 messages, but that only those that attracted them the most will remain in their memories, which will not be more than ten. How can you put yourself amongst those ten messages? What can your business do in order for the marketing flyer or brochure to be more than a piece of paper that came from the printing house and that can capture your potential client? What techniques must you use to stay in the memory of your prospects?

For starters, you must be capable of surviving “in the hands of the reader”: it only takes two seconds for the potential client to decide to continue reading or if they want to turn your brochure into a ball of paper.

For going beyong the first step, you must focus on the title that describes the product’s image or service that you offer. You have to reach people by motivating them with the title that has been destined to capture their attention.

The goal of a title is to establish an instant relationship with the reader, something that makes them stop, look and continue reading. This is not something complicated, as it has to be a very simple and easy to remember phrase.

There is an excellent phrase used in selling techniques, which will give you the right idea:

“You do not sell products, you do not sell services, You sell BENEFITS”.

And that is what your title should describe: what is the benefit that your product or service can offer a potential client. Pay attention to what you offer and make yourself these questions: Why do I think I am better than my competitors? What do my actual clients like about my product or service? From there, you can acquire the knowledge of what are the benefits that your clients have hired you for. Post it along a clear and easy title on your brochure.

The benefit is the solution to a determined problem it is the beginning of conceiting the reader about satisfying one of their necessities.

The title’s style can be developed in two ways:

  • The solution to a problem through a benefit: we incorporate the problem as a question. Use the closed questions as title for your brochure or pamphlet. Closed questions are those in which there are no doubts about the answers, they will either be yes or no, for the reader. Questions are an excellent implication mechanism. A title that asks us a question pretends us to keep reading to find the answer. After the first title, for example: Do you spend the night walking around your home? Followed by an affirmative and consecutive phrase or product or service is the solution for what the reader needs: our natural remedy cures insomnia.
  • The affirmation of the benefit well said: impact the reader through the benefit that covers the beating necessity, is the key. Remember to always write in a positive way, for example: “start the year with more and better clients, keep reading and we will tell you how…” You can add credibility to your benefit through statistics, if you have any. For example: “70% of Fortune’s executives that have read this book have been given a raise in only six weeks”, placing an asterisk and a line in the footer of the heading that says “according to a survey in…” if you have the exact data.

In short, remember these tips:

  • The title is what decides if your brochure or flyer lives or dies.
  • The title must persuade impact and motivate to keep reading.
  • The title contains the benefit towards the necessity that has not been covered by a client.
  • The title is the success or failure of your printing budget.
  • The title of a brochure is fundamental for increasing success on its own.