The brochure and corporative identity

Your brochure will be one of the decisive factors when determining the conformation of your corporative image. Your corporate image is of vital importance for the success of your business, as it allows simple recognition and thus, a better acceptance of your message on behalf of the public. The evidence of marketing’s power in each of our ordinary lives does not need a demonstration.

In order for the identifying function to be present in a brochure, the company that you hire to realize the brochure‘s design must use the existing corporate image in a smart way or suggest new elements in case they are necessary. The objective of the brochure should be taken into account, as the visual elements that will be taken from the existing graphic identity will depend on this. For example, a marketing brochure will precise the better looking elements, while a corporative brochure will take the most serious elements.

You must also choose the right format for the brochure, such as the morphologic characteristics that it will present: size, type of folding, edges, accessories, etc. This is the same for the tone of the message and the words that are going to be used. All of this also forms part of the “identity” of a business and it is really important that it is unique, clear and consistent. It is even more important to have consistence in the identity, than the graphic quality itself.