The message

brochure always contains a message to transmit. A successful brochure should contain the following factors as to the message:

The message that your client and/or potential client receives, should be clear and specific. It should point out why your clients should select your brand or product over those of your competitors. In order to achieve this first selection, your message must contain a high level of interest so that the reader is really interested in reading it.

Your message, should adapt itself to the cultural and social variables, taking into account that people only understand those things that they identify themselves with or have lived. If your message does not pass to form part of this reality, it will simply be ignored.

Your message should include a level of interest that draws the attention of the recipient (your clients/potential clients) and promote their curiosity. If these factors are well defined, we are ready to design a brochure or institutional folder as a high visual and informative impact communication tool, which will be targeted to a specific market (Goal Clients).

Think about a message that draws attention. Save this idea for the front of the brochure.