Three tips for selling more

Many times, in a business the marketers create beautiful and attractive brochures, with the best technology and visual effects…but do they sell more? In general this does not happen and the sellers complain: “I do not use these brochures“, “we never get consulted for making them”, “these brochures don’t sell”, “those who make the brochures do not know our clients” are typical phrases of salespeople that believe that their brochures are not what they expected. With this, we do not pretend for salespeople to start producing their own brochures and take the marketing department’s job: they already have enough work, having to go out and sell every day, but they could advice them about their redaction.

How to make each reader start their purchasing process?

  • Start with what interests the client the most: first tell them why your product is useful to them, what it can do for them, what benefits It will generate and then write about what it is, who makes it and how much it costs. This is what we call, speaking the language of benefits.
  • The designer must establish what will make the client take action: This is what the business or product/service can do to better your life, which is why a design where the name of the business is represented with a huge logo, the years of experience and the name of the owners do not work, if the benefits of the product/service are not described to the client.
  • You must contemplate the three ways of perceiving clients: This is what P.N.L calls visuals, audible and kinesthetic. For a message to reach and synchronize everyone, it must make its way through one of these three channel types. You should include images, good arguments or messages and text that offer detailed information, testing possibilities, use or try outs. Unless you do not want to draw attention about certain aspects. For example, if you sell a product that does not have a great design and your clients usually purchase from you because of the price or the quality details that you offer, you would need to focus on the kinesthetic, by not adding long photos and messages and going directly to offering them proof that what you are selling is efficient and clearing up how to contact you to realize a test or purchase.