What is a brochure?

brochure is a graphic design communication piece that forms part of the communicational identity of an organization.brochure is all those flyers that are part of a company and that represent it. A brochure can be formed by marketing tri-folds of a new product or service that your company offers and even the business cards for projects that circulate either internally or externally.

It is in part, the presentation card of a business, its products and/or services: Who is it? What has been its path in the market? What products or services does it offer? How does it offer them? Your company’s brochure is like a pass to enter your potential clients’ homes, a brochure is an elegant dress for your services.

A brochure is really a traditional method, yet it is also effective for captivating the attention of the consumer. This is valuable for a new business, the release of a new product o something as basic as the sale of a car. The driving wheel has some real power if it is done correctly.

If you think in a creative way and follow a series of formal steps to create your brochure, it could become one of the best marketing tools that you own. However, it needs to have a high impact or the hard work that will take weeks, could end up in the trash can or in the streets of the city.