What is a medical brochure

medical brochure is a marketing, promotional graphic design piece that is aimed to healthcare personnel or patients. It is a brochure in printed form (ie. on paper) and/or electronic format (ie. PDF file that can be distributed electronically).

Medical brochures aimed to healthcare personnel

A medical brochure aimed to doctors or practitioners is typically a high-end, top-quality brochure. This means it is printed on a durable, thick paper stock that can make the brochure last longer, as the opportunity to market product and services to a healthcare provider is typically very expensive. It also means it is printed professionally and attention is paid to details.

Medical brochures that target healthcare professionals can come in any morphology, but most of them are 17” x 11” bi-fold brochures or similar. Folders and multi-page booklets are widely used in the healthcare industry as well.

Medical brochures – Professional Design

Because of the above particulars, it is important that you leave the design of your medical brochure to a specialist.

Medical brochures aimed to general public

On the other hand, medical brochures aimed to public look less corporate as they typically tend to sell a service or product, so some kind of visual impact is needed. As they target a more massive audience, they are smaller, cheaper to print.

Many of these medical brochures highlight a specific need of the target audience (ie. “do you suffer from back pain?”) to build empathy, and then introduce the service or product that can help with that health problem.

Medical brochures – Design and Aesthetics

As for design, these brochures make good use of light blue and cyan hues. Aesthetically, they look corporate but most of them incorporate organic shapes and design elements. Some technology-related elements are usually welcome. Red color is to be avoided as its reminiscence to blood, particularly on those medical brochures for patients, so are images that can be considered disgusting to the public. It is important for a brochure designer to advise the client on this, as doctors and nurses are way more used to seeing blood, tissues, etc.