What is a promotional or marketing brochure?

A marketing or promotional brochure is basically a way to present your product, service or offers. It is usually a second piece to the vast brochure opportunities that there are for a business. Unlike, the institutional brochure, which emphasizes on the sale of its products or services and not in the institutional data of the business that is providing them, marketing or promotional brochure, has a shorter period of life than an institutional brochure. It also has a wider public, it is usually more attractive, daring, less corporate looking and serious than an institutional brochure. According to the message, it can also be printed in lower quality and the most noted function is naturally the marketing function.

This does not imply that some resources should not be used for the design. A promotional brochure can contribute or ruin a sale to a potential customer. You must assure that it is not only professional, but also interesting and effective.

A tendency in the last couple of years has been to create electronic promotional brochures, in a PDF or e-mail format (which can also be sent by e-mail or placed in a website). This is perfectly valid, as long as the costs have been analyzed and the benefits of the campaign.