What is an institutional brochure?

An institutional brochure is a specific brochure that is created specifically to present an institution, generally a business.The emphasis of this occurs on the presentation of the business and not in the sale of the products. Here, it is the indicative aspect, which is noted the most.

The institutional brochure is a fundamental and necessary tool of communication, of an elevated effectiveness for introducing the business to a high level. These are strategic brochures, since they are targeted towards business owners or managers from other businesses. These also appear more of a corporative level, when they are painted in light colors. They should show strength and security. They are usually printed with the highest quality possible, since the public will be well educated and will not be surprised easily.

Your presentation should make a difference against your competitors. It is a short summary of your business’ potential and it should invite to consult you or to a closer meeting.

The institutional brochures are also known as corporative brochures or business brochures.

By using an institutional brochure, you must understand that every brochure is an asset of your business and that it is an important part of your identity.

Even if your institutional brochure has an electronic version, it generally is an alternative version to the printed one. The printed version is always the most effective one.