Who is in charge of the brochure design?

A good brochure design is the best presentation card for your business.

Graphic designers are people who have the knowledge and technical skills for creating brochurescatalogs and memories for businesses in a professional way. They are the only ones that can enhance your organization’s image, product or service. In most cases, graphic designers are also in charge of the printing of your publications.

It is always a good idea to hire a specialized agency for designing brochures. Independent designers or freelancers can be a lot more affordable at first glance, but the risks that are taken, are very high.

    • It is a lot easier for an independent designer to disappear, as well as it is very simple for them to take your brochure‘s files with them. This can happen either during the design of the brochure or later on. You should take into account that a brochure should not be considered as an element that is designed and that is ready. A brochure can require several revisions and updates throughout the years, which is why it is ideal for designers to offer themselves to work on it for several years.
    • It is a lot more likely for an independent designer not to work on all of the technical controls that a brochure requires. These controls can affect the final quality of the printed brochure. If you consider that the printing costs can be high, a small defect that is not detected on time could result in a great loss of both time and money.
    • An independent designer does not have access to the image banks and resources that larger agencies have access to. It is a matter of size and costs. They can also not provide you with variables or different concepts. On the other hand, an agency generally puts several designers to work at the same time and the results are far better.
    • An independent designer can take a lot longer on the design of your brochure, either for personal problems, as for having a lot of work. This can become a factor, when there is a deadline to meet, which happens on most of the cases.
    • An independent designer might be tempted to use complete or partial design templates that have already been created, or that they have the rights to. Your business could get involved in a legal problem.

These are the reasons why we recommend that you always hire a brochure design agency and not a freelance designer.

It must be noted, that there are a lot of design agencies that hire freelance designers, especially online. If you choose one of these types of agencies, make sure that the designers are not freelancer, as you will pay more and you will even be exposed to the same risks, as hiring a freelance designer.