Workplace Safety Brochure

Workplace safety brochures are designed based on guidelines that remit to tidiness, safety, work. These brochures are typically informative about the dangers at work, and educate the readers on how to avoid dangerous practices.

Layouts are neat, tidy, and well-organized in order to convey an easy-to-read, informative message.

The most used color palette for any safety-related brochure is yellow and black on a white background. This basic color palette can be further grown by including red to show danger, and green to show correct actions.

Recommended fonts are sans-serif, bold fonts that can be easily read from a distance.

A workplace safety brochure should also be based on shapes that are common in road or wall signs – for example, triangles, rectangles, octangles (with rounded corners) and circles. Diagonal lines are also very common.

Iconic, pictographic images and infographics are very common in workplace safety brochures, so do stick men and figures. As for photography, the designs usually include safety helmets, hard hats, gloves, boots, hi-visibility glasses, fire extinguishers, ear protection, and other related items used in workplace safety.

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